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Enable shipping on your Shopify store

Installation is free and easy

3-step installation

Take advantage of our low rates today


Connect your account to your Shopify store.
Enter your account number (if needed, consult your account to find the number).

Configuring the application

Determine when the labels should be ordered:

Automatically, when the order is processed (fulfillment),

Automatically, when the order is paid,

Manually from the “Order Label” link.


Add services in your store’s shipping and delivery settings.

Take advantage of our exceptional rates

Directly in your Shopify store

With our Shopify extension, enjoy all the benefits of directly on your online store. The configuration is easy and requires only a few steps. You will then have access to automatic or manual label creation and the information will be transmitted to our shipping management system.

Receive more while paying less! You will definitely receive the best price because you will benefit from our discount on a larger volume.

Same day or next day delivery, with guaranteed delivery at no extra charge.

Save time with our full-featured shipping software and, of course, easy integration with your online store.

Practical features

For your online store

Estimation of shipping costs

Label creation and printing

Scheduling of pickups

Tracking of shipments and invoices

Ability to offer returns to your customers

Confirm shipments to your customers

Creating reports on your shipments

Address book management

Creating labels manually

Monitor your shipments

If you choose to manually generate your shipping labels rather than automatically, simply follow the process below:

Enter the pick-up and the delivery addresses

Select your service

Select your shipping type

Enter any additional information